Mama Bear and Cubs Spot Bird Feeder and Help Themselves

We all know bears like to get into mischief, particularly if the mischief involves food. Here’s a mama bear and her two cubs determined to get a snack–a bird feeder on the photographer’s porch.

This photographer, Patrick Conley, is very familiar with these bears and has even named them: the mother is Simone and the cubs are Milo and Luca. Apparently the bears come around Patrick’s house regularly and he films them for YouTube. Normally he’s pretty diligent about not having food out, but he said this time he forgot about the bird feeder.

Patrick wasn’t that upset: “Overall, a pretty good haul for Simone. Yes, in the future I’ll be more diligent about removing food sources. Let’s just say I wanted to see how this would play out.” Looks like it played out pretty well for the bears!

Watch the full fun video below and please tell us what you think about Simone, Milo and Luca in your Facebook comments!

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