Smart German Shepherd Doesn’t Forget to Flush After Using the Toilet

Getting a pet is like getting a new baby in the house. They need to be looked after carefully, and need to be taught good habits and manners as well. Once they are well-trained, dogs become your best friends and the most rewarding additions to your family. One of the most important and challenging parts of getting a dog is toilet-training them. If you don’t toilet-train them properly, they will turn your house into a mess in no time.

Some people start off by training them to go on puppy mats, while others do their best to teach them to go outdoors. But over the years, some people have successfully trained their dogs to go inside their bathrooms! If a pooch is bathroom-trained, then it is so much easier for the owner, as they don’t have to rush outside every time their furry friend needs to go. As long as the dog is getting enough exercise, this seems like a great idea! Just look at the pooch in the following video.

Meet Baron. This handsome German Shepherd is famous on YouTube for the things that he does around the house. He lives with his mom and her son, and he is like their little angel. Baron helps with chores around the house and also babysits the little boy. The following video shows a small instance of just how well-trained he is. He can answer the call of nature inside the toilet itself! He even shuts down the seat and remembers to flush! What a smart pooch!

Check out the full video below:

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