This 5 Minute Hand Exercise Can Help Balance Your Emotions And Boost Energy

Hand exercises can be very helpful if you want to heal your body. You should always be willing to try these exercises for your own good.

This 5 minutes hand exercise is the best thing you can apply in order to make your life easier. Such exercises will help you do better without much effort. Hand exercise sounds heavy but it surely is not.


  • The Thumb: worry, depression and anxiety and is tied to the spleen and stomach.
  • The Index finger: mental confusion, fear, and frustration and is tied to the bladder and kidneys.
  • The Middle Finger: irritability, anger, indecisiveness and is tied to the gallbladder and liver.
  • The Ring Finger: grief, fear, sadness, negativity. This finger is connected to the large intestine and lungs.
  • The Small Finger: low self-esteem, judgemental, nervousness, insecurity. It is connected to the small intestine and heart.

This exercise is proof that not all physical activity will take your time and effort as you may think. This is a way you can work out without working your body that way. This method saved me lots of time and energy for me.

It will do the same for you too. Watch the full video below!

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