Mom Was Feeding Their Dog, but This Little Baby Can’t Stop His Laughter

There is nothing cuter than babies. They are called bundles of joy for a reason! They spread happiness everywhere they go, and it’s just wonderful to be around them. They are so innocent, and everything is new to their eyes. They can also get amused by the simples of things, and it’s just amazing to watch. It doesn’t take a lot to make them laugh. Just look at the little baby in the following video!

This cute little guy was in his walker. He seems to be so happy! Well, why wouldn’t he be? His family dog was performing all sorts of tricks right in front of him. Mom was handing out food to the dog, and he was catching it like a pro. Dogs can get really serious when it comes to eating treats, and this pooch was no exception. He never missed a single morsel that was tossed to him!

Meanwhile, the little baby was having so much fun just watching this unfold before him. He must have been in awe of how the dog was able to catch every single one of the scraps. He kept laughing hysterically, and you can’t help but get carried away by the laughter and start laughing yourself. There is nothing as good as a child’s laugh, and this guy certainly proves it!

Perhaps he will laugh just as hard when he watches this clip of him after growing up!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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