Powerful Performance Moves the Crowd to Tears – Even Judges Can’t Hold Back

We’ve all seen emotional performances on the Got Talent series, but this may be the most moving act that they’ve had on stage so far–not to mention a fantastic display of talent.

This is the semi-final performance of Hungarian shadow theater group “Attraction”, and the story that they develop along with their is poignant, emotional and beautiful. Attraction They rose to fame during a performance at the Hungary Olympic Oath Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics, in which they did a rendition of many of the traditional sports within the five rings of the Olympic games logo.

The group was founded in 2004 by Zoltán Szűcs, a performer who achieved national success in the mid-1990s with his pop group Hip Hop Boyz, when he was known as Real Action. What makes this performance even more special is that it is based upon Zoltán’s own life story and he dedicates the performance to his mother.

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