Abandoned Blind Dog Still Waits For Her Heartless Owners After Being Abandoned For 10 Years

Dogs are loyal than man. It’s easy to see how devoted your dog is when you come home after a long workday and your dog greets you at the door as if he hasn’t seen you in ages. The dog in question today goes above and beyond to show its loyalty and devotion to her owner at the cost of her own safety. She actively misses her owner’s long absence, waits for her return at the same spot for 10 years now.

Bokshil, dog family moved out of their apartment 10 years ago and left their sweet pet behind for unknown reasons. Little did they know that the loyal and devoted Bokshil has been prowling around the apartment all these years, waiting for them to come back for her. compassionate neighbors have cared for the dog all these years, giving her food and water at the entrance to the apartment house. Many neighbors have tried to adopt her but she squirms out of their arms and runs back to the spot where she last remembered her owner to have been.

Now, Bokshil has is deteriorating. She is losing her sight to old age and her heart is fainting and longing for reunion with her family. She is still in denial about her abandonment. She frequently chases strangers on busy streets, hoping they are her family member. At dusk, she walks to the dog house neighbors have since provided for her comfort and safety. In the morning, she returns to the apartment.

She looks desperate and the weather has beaten in the video. You will feel for her after watching it.

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