As parents grow older, a lot of problems arise, especially related to their health. And what most people do is neglect them and put them to a nursing home. But when Bonnie and George Miller started having health issues, their son and daughter-in-law were sure of what they wanted for their parents.

Bonnie and Geroge, both 87, started having trouble remembering things. Bonnie even suffered a fall and broke her shoulder. Thus, both of them needed a lot of care and attention to get through the day. And putting his elderly parents to a nursing home was not an option. Therefore, the couple decided to do something special for their parents.

son builds custom room for parents

Schon and Jeannie decided to blow a hole in the basement wall, get rid of all their stuff, and move their parents in so they can take good care of the aging couple.

And after the renovation, Schon reveals the newly build room for his parents. He shows them their tiny kitchen,  bathroom, and their entire living space. His mom and dad’s reaction to seeing the house for the first time is heartwarming.

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