This Sweet Moment of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing Was Completely Improvised

Dirty Dancing is a classic movie. Many of us still watch the movie as a form of guilty pleasure.

Things won’t change though. This movie will remain evergreen and forever favorite one for all of us. The movie has given people a lot of memories and when we watch it in the present day, we never fail to get a sense of nostalgia. This movie’s star Patrick Swayze created a buzz when he appeared in this movie. The handsome star had a great fan base of women.

However, there is a very cute scene in the movie that many fans do not really know of. People enjoyed the scene very much. But, they don’t know that the scene was not even on the script, to begin with. The star casts share great chemistry together.

We really could not have asked for any changes in the movie scene. Watch the full video below!

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