Mom of Four Triggers Online Debate After Sharing ‘Honest’ Video of Her Messy Home

The internet is definitely not the safest place to share parts of your life. Most importantly the parts that will have people judge you.

This video is an example of how sometimes, you just don’t get what you expect from the internet. Whatsoever, the internet is not a trustworthy place for anyone. You never know what you get from it. You either trigger people or you inspire them and sometimes, people tend to understand you in ways you’ve never expected.

This video is a pure example of how this woman got lucky with her viewers. When she uploaded her kitchen, she was expecting a lot of hate comments. To her surprise, people were actually quite supportive and understanding. One commenter said: “That’s dirty. Just because there isn’t mold on the walls doesn’t mean it’s not.”

It’s good to see people not expect perfection from a Tiktok user for a change. Watch the full video below!

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