This Hilarious Goose Takes On a Herd of Cows – Guess Who Wins

We’re used to seeing internet videos of animals paired up as unusual friends, but you won’t find too many like this, where the animals are paired up as unusual adversaries. This was so unexpected I thought it was hilarious.

I had heard that geese can be pretty aggressive, although I’ve never personally experienced it. According to Cackle Hatchery website, “Geese can get pretty aggressive. The behavior relates to the fact that they are large, clumsy birds. They can’t easily hide when threatened, so they resort to aggression to ward off danger.”

The website goes on to say there are various ways to minimize their aggressiveness, such as being quite and avoiding “big, sudden, or loud movements.” Well I guess these cattle never got that message!

In this clip below, the goose is seen taking on any and all comers in the cattle herd. Even when they try to gang up on him. Maybe the cattle know that, according to the website, geese will bite firmly when necessary.

Either way, it’s pretty funny to watch this bird intimidate the cattle that are hundreds of times its size. I think it just goes to show that aggressiveness can definitely serve you well if you don’t have any other options!

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