Century-Old Photographs of Native Americans – They are Mesmerizing

Here are some fascinating pictures of Native Americans taken around 100 years ago. For more, check out the National Archives, this article or this website.

Shoshone tribal member Rabbit Tail (1895) who later joined the U.S. army to fight against two common enemies—the Lakota and Cheyenne Tribes.
Bae-ie-schluch-aichin, a Navajo silversmith
A Hupa tribesman


Situwuka and Katkwachsnea, a Native American couple who posed for this photo in 1912.
Mahalia, a 114-Year-Old Native American Woman
Photographer Edward S. Curtis took this photo of Red Hawk, a member of the Oglala tribe, riding on horseback in 1905.
A Ute warrior was photographed alongside his dog sitting on the Eastern slope of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains in 1873.
Sinte Maza of the Oglala Lakota tribe later became Chief Iron Tail, the tribal leader of the Lakota.
This photo shows 91-year-old Gray Mountain passing on oral traditions by sharing Navajo tribal legends to the next generation, more specifically, his grandchildren.
Jim Thorpe, a Sauk and Fox Native American from Oklahoma, won two gold medals in track and field in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.
Zitkala Sa, a Sioux Tribeswoman
White Wolf of the Chippewa tribe was reportedly born in 1785 and died in 1922, which made him 137 years old. He was officially named Chief John Smith, but preferred to go by the name White Wolf.
This 1905 photo shows Geronimo riding in a Locomobile Model C vehicle on The 101 Ranch in Oklahoma.
Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill in 1885.
This 1913 photo is called “The Eagle.” It shows two Blackfoot tribesmen keeping a watchful eye over Glacier National Park.

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