Baby Moose Approaches Soldier in Woods, Then He Realizes It’s Trying to Tell Him Something

There is no better feeling than when someone completely trusts you! And this isn’t just in the case of friends and family! Expressly, your pets depend on you with their lives. You are their parent, so you need to do everything to make sure they are taken care of. But what happens when a wild animal comes to you?

Prikko Erich Jyri is an Estonian soldier in the country’s Defence Forces. Moreover, he often has to go fieldwork, and one time, his unit was stationed near Lake Võrtsjärv. This is Estonia’s largest lake and has numerous wildlife in the surrounding forests. One particular day, Prikko went into the woods to search for an “alternative bathroom.” That’s when through the rustling leaves, a baby moose was approaching Prikko!

soldier meets baby moose

The small hooved-creature went straight to the army man while he sat still. Moreover, it was curious and began sniffing him! It was even licking the man and looking for something near his armpits. Thinking it was hungry, the kind man called a vet’s office nearby. Furthermore, they sent an expert with a bottle of milk. After feeding the little moose, they let it go so that it could find its mother! And lo and behold, when Prikko saw large moose tracks with smaller tracks next to it the very next day. What the video below:

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