Baby Elephant Throws Tantrum to Get Some Attention – Watch How it Turns Out…

The young ones are always mischievous, no matter the species. But have ever encountered a 500-pound kid jumping around and making his parent’s life a living hell? Well, you’re about to in this video.

Elephant calves are born after a 22-month gestation period, weighing an average of 200 pounds. They are the most precocious of all large mammals, with the ability to walk within a few minutes of birth. They are nurtured and protected by the herd, and spend their days playing, eating, and learning the important skills they need to survive. But it seems they also quickly learn how to throw a tantrum.

This herd of elephants was moving from one place to the other. But the little one is a little tired of just walking, so he decides to get some attention from mom and the rest of the herd. But after everyone else refuses to give in–they just keep going–little Junior decides maybe now is not the time for this little tirade. At this point it appears he learns his lesson and gets up and runs to catch up!

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