Pandas are one of the cutest critters on the planet. They have perhaps the most unique coat coloring among all bears. Sadly, they are much endangered. Due to rampant habitat destruction, their numbers were dangerously low. They also have a very unique diet of bamboo, which makes it harder for them to adapt to newer environments. Apart from that, they are solitary creatures, and they don’t reproduce in a rate enough to sustain their populations.

That is why captive breeding centers put so much emphasis on making more panda cubs. Pandas usually have one cub at a time, so any new cub is welcome with much cheer and happiness. The following video shows a newborn panda cub. She was named Yuan Zai, and she was born at the Taipei Zoo. She is a special little one, being the first ever panda cub born in Taiwan.

This video shows her reuniting with her mother for the first time. The cub was one month when the specialists let her be with her mama. It’s not that panda mamas aren’t great moms, but the cub is treated with utmost care in the initial days to ensure her survival. When the mama bear spots her baby, she gently picks her up with her mouth and hugs her just like humans do!

Pandas are cute on their own, and scenes like this really make you melt even more!

Check out this amazing video below:

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