Nature is full of surprises. When this woman was wakeboarding on the sea, she had a once in a life-time experience. I am sure she is never going to forget it. A pod of dolphins decided to drop in and surprise her by swimming alongside her! It gives you chills even watching it, I don’t know how awesome it must have felt to be there in person!

This was captured in the Sea of Cortez right off the coast of Mexico by the crew from Pro-Windsurf La Ventana. It was posted by the woman’s friend, Wyatt Miller, on YouTube. Miller says that this was one of the top three afternoons of his life.

And I can see why! Not only is the Sea of Cortez home to the dolphins, but it also harbours over 100 species of sharks including Hammerheads, Great Whites, Makos, and Sandsharks. Thankfully, none of them decided to show up on this trip!

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