Wolves are very social creatures. They live and thrive in huge packs. Living in packs greatly improves their success as hunters. This is why they are apex predators in their habitats. They are on top of the food chain thanks to their teamwork and unity. They can also be friendly towards others who they see as part of their pack. Just look at the following video!

You might be wondering how such a fierce predator could ever befriend anything else. But the following video will show you how they do it. The lady shown in this video, Anita, had not been in the Polar Zoo for months. While she was away, the wolves living in the sanctuary had really missed her. So when she finally came back, they were totally over the moon! You will have to see their reaction to believe it.

As soon as they saw her, the wolves were all over the lady! They welcomed her almost like dogs welcomed their owners. You’d almost forget that these wolves were fierce predators! They are so comfortable with her because she socialized with them for a long time. She was a part of their pack, so they were ecstatic to see she was alright.

Check out the full video below:

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