Almost all of us have been to weddings. Weddings usually have the same routine – the ceremony, reception, wedding cakes, dances. However, this couple decided to do something a little different from the norm. They took things to a new level when they treated their guests to not only one dance, but two! After their first dance was over, they did a wardrobe change and stepped out on the floor once again to move to Blake Shelton’s remake of “Footloose.”

Their second dance has managed to take the online community by storm. Wait till you see why! You are no doubt going to be impressed by this! “Footloose” was first written and released by singer-songwriter, Kenny Loggins. He wrote the song as a soundtrack to the hit movie of the same name. The movie was an instant classic and the song has remained popular for more than three decades now! Country megastar, Blake Shelton, did an awesome job for the new remake of the iconic film.

When Trent and his newly married wife, Annalisa, moved in unison, they gave their audience a performance that will remain with them for a long time! Their moves are incredible and their chemistry is undeniable. Wait till you see this! Check out their performance below and don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments!

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