Wild animals are beautiful. But we don’t normally get a chance to see them from up close, do we? We tend to avoid them and they tend to avoid us – which is for the best, I guess. That is why, we get to witness a wild animal giving birth not often. Even coming across a domestic animal giving birth is quite rare for most of us. Not many of us have seen it live, so we satisfy ourselves by checking them out on the internet. The video below features one of these amazing moments.

You are going to be pleasantly surprised when you see this. The following clips shares the delivery of two tiger twins. Mama tiger gave birth to her little ones at a zoo inside private enclosures. A keeper stayed by her side at all times, while other helpers were also informed to be on alert. The tiger went into labor and gave birth to one little cub. Everyone was excited, but they soon started to worry since the poor thing wasn’t breathing.

Thankfully, the little baby showed signs of life in a few minutes. They thought it was over, but the mama tiger had more in store for them. She shocked everyone when she gave birth to another little cub right after her first one. Both the twins are doing well.

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