Evidently, pups act with much care and love when around babies. It’s like they understand at some level that toddlers are fragile and have to be protected at any cost. However, that doesn’t stop the canine from arguing if they stand right. The same goes for the adorable goofballs.

We all have witnessed toddlers fighting with their baby sounds to make a point. Now imagine if these stubborn fellows have to go head to head. A similar scenario has gone viral for its utter cuteness. And the viewers can’t seem to have enough of the debate. Initially, we witness Sophie having an important discussion with a wicket pup. The furball is a mixture of Shih-Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier.

As the argument goes on, both the babies are persistent in making their points heard. You know it is serious when the canine begins to run around throwing tantrums. But Sophies is not ready to give up either. Hence in her defense, she lies flat in the ground, moving her hands. She is quite the wilful young one, don’t you think?

Please press play and enjoy this fantastic head-to-head between the cute ones.

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