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Hero Bus Driver Traps Purse Snatcher, Delivers Punishment then Takes Him to Police

Angry Woman Threatens Flight Attendant’s Job Over Crying Baby – Gets Instant Karma


Porch Pirate Steals His Package, 40 Seconds Later He Gets Payback

76-Yr-Old Nun Yanks Away Thieves’ Ladder While They Are On the Roof

Driver tries to run over Kentucky snowman

Driver Gets Instant Karma When He Tries to Ruin Their Snowman with Truck

Karma Quickly Catches Man Who Intentionally Scratches Someone’s New Car


A Young Man Steals Her Parking Spot, So She Does This for Payback


Man Slips on Ice Cubes and Demands Money, but Cameras Capture the Truth

Fraudster Messes With Wrong 73-Yr-Old But Realizes It Too Late


Ignorant Tourist Ignores the Queens Guards – Few Seconds in, Paid the Price

tenants buy building

Greedy Landlord ‘Underestimated’ His Tenants But Karma Strikes Back

Female Lawyer Pulled Over

Arrogant Cop Pulls Over Her For A Ridiculous Reason And Immediately Gets Slammed


Elderly Woman Who Was Caught Spitting On Disabled Black Man Get A Perfect Revenge


Woman Riding the Bus Without a Mask Spits on a Passenger but Got an Instant Karma


Circus Lion Was Fed Up Of Being Poked By The Trainer, So He Takes A Perfect Revenge


Shameless Lady Sneaks Up to Her Neighbor’s Door to Steal Their Package, 20 Seconds in She Gets Her Payback