With many incidents involving the authorities, police officers are not really the most favorite people in the country in the past years. But this particular officer, Officer Mitch Brouillette, has touched the lives of the students from Heritage High School. The students wanted to give him the honor he deserves and planned a surprise event to show their appreciation.

With the help of Southern California clothing company DUDE. Be nice., they carried out their plan. The unsuspecting Officer Mitch thought that he was just being interviewed. In the interview, he said that “there’s always a good side to a person” and that he “wants to see them walk the stage and graduate”. While he was doing the interview, he was called to the office because one of the students was in trouble because of a video. He was then handed a mobile phone with the “video” and did not expect what he was about to see.

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Instead of a troubling video, the video contains testimonials and messages from the students. But that’s not the end of it, little did he know that the students were waiting for him to walk out of the office. They surrounded him and dressed him up with a white fur coat and a yellow feather boa on his neck. The students danced to his favorite song and walked him to a mini stage. “You make an environment where we feel accepted and wanted. You’re always out there to support us,” one of the students said before they threw softballs with their messages at him. He was also presented with tickets to see a Miami Heat game and a Dan Marino signed a jersey.

‘The Elevator Incident’
‘The Elevator Incident’
The clothing company said that they receive requests from all over the country to celebrate a person who was underappreciated. Faculty and other police officers also came to witness the celebration for Officer Mitch. Check out the video below:

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