It’s saddening to see the extent that people are willing to go for their greed. Not every person is bad, but there are some that exploit the helpless for their own profit. For instance, it is illegal to conduct dog fighting rings, but people still do it for money or entertainment. Making dogs hurt each other just for the sake of bets or entertainment is just horrendous. The poor dog in the following video was also a victim of dog fighting.

Hope For Paws, a non-profit organization for animal rescues, got a call about a severely injured dogs. They had followed her for two hours until she finally collapsed into an alleyway. Hope For Paws quickly went to the scene. The poor pit bull looked very weak and was covered in wounds. Thankfully, she learned to trust her rescuer. She accepted his touch, and let him put a leash on her to lead her to the car.

They named her Cadence. It looked as though she had been used as a bait dog in dog fighting. They quickly treated her, and she looked better the next day. She cheered up even more after she met another dog called Chance. He was there to lick all her wounds, and she accepted. As time went by, they realized just how gentle and sweet Cadence was. She loved being around dogs and children!

After eye surgery, Cadence is doing much better. Let’s hope no dog has to go through what she went through.

Check out the full video below:

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