There is no purer love than the love a mother has for her child. Their love is unconditional and never ends. This isn’t limited to only human mothers—animal moms are just as loving in their own ways. No matter what species, a mother will always put the safety and welfare of her baby before her own. They work very hard to keep their babies safe and healthy.

Mothers can do almost anything and go through everything to keep their children happy. You can even spot this in the animal kingdom. They are willing to go to any length for their babies and to keep them well fed. From taking down prey larger than themselves to travelling miles each day looking for food—they do it all. Just look at the raccoon mother in the following video!

This video shows a raccoon, which has been named Rocksy. She has a habit of knocking at the window of a house. The lady who took the video says that she steals from the cat’s bowl. She is so cheeky that whenever she finds it empty, she doesn’t hesitate to knock on the window of her house to demand more food! The lady who took the clip also mentioned that she does this to feed her kids, so it’s adorable.

Check out the full video below:

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