Many people think dogs and cats are the mortal enemies of one another. But that is not true. Sometimes, dogs and cats get along really well, and sometimes, they just don’t like to be in each other’s company. They usually keep the stereotype alive. Just take for example, this adorable cat and dog featured in the video given below! You are going to be in complete hysterics when you see how much they disagree with one another!

The adorable little French Bulldog in the clip is called Pixel and he is 10 months old. His cat sibling loves stealing his bed even though she has her own. And the little puppy just can’t take it anymore. The puppy has been enduring the cat’s bullying for far too long and finally decided to stand up for himself! The way he reclaims his bed is going to leave you in stitches for sure. Wait till you see Pixel’s revenge! Hope the kitty learnt her lesson!

As this video shows, having a dog and a cat together as pets can prove to be an adventure sometimes. Cats are amazing creatures, but they can be real jerks too. And Pixel wasn’t having none of that anymore! Watch this precious clip below! Did this bring a smile to your face? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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