When you think about clowns, the first thing that pops into your mind has to be circuses or birthday parties. They are there to make everyone laugh and make sure everyone has a good time at a party. Clowns usually wear much exaggerated outfits that are too colorful with shoes much bigger than needed. To top it all off, they paint their faces in bright colors as well. But the clown in the following video is quite an exception.

Meet Puddles. Puddles isn’t your average clown. Of course, he has the painted face and the outfit. But Puddles is a sad clown. He almost looks like he’s in mourning! He had a very sad expression when he got onstage at America’s Got Talent. The judges were a little taken aback by what they were seeing. What made the act even stranger was that Puddles refused to even talk! All he had was a suitcase with “Puddles Pity Party” written on it.

But everything changed when he started singing. The sad clown chose to sing Sia’s hit song “Chandelier”, and it was a stunning rendition of the song. He had a powerful voice, and it’s clear that nobody saw that coming from him! The way he owned the stage was incredible as well. When he was done, he got a proper standing ovation and it was really deserved!

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