King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has left many legacies behind through his beautiful music and performances. Even then, people don’t know some facts about him. Once, the singer shot a music video for his hit song “They Don’t Care About Us” in prison with appearances from real prisoners! Maybe this gave these three people the idea to visit a prison in Southeast Asia!

Millions have tried to recreate the iconic dance steps of the late Popstar. But nobody knows them like Travis Payne, who is Jackson’s choreographer! So, in the wake of his death in 2009, Travis along with dancers, Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid went to Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines. And the reason why is unbelievable.

mj in prison

Prisoners may have committed a crime that landed them in jail, but this fact does not hide their talents. The performance starts with a triangle formation with the professional choreographers at the front. Moreover, you can see how disciplined all the dancers are. But when the lyrics start, a massive number of people join in. And the dance becomes impeccable! Furthermore, you can see the peace that the prisoners get from this amazing dance. Watch it below:

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