Every parent knows the struggle that is potty-training. It’s a messy business! But the most annoying thing about this phase has to be false alarms. Kids say that they want to go to the bathroom, and you rush them there. And that’s when they break the news! This Dad had to go through something similar. Luckily, the Mom caught the gem of a moment on camera!

The little boy’s name in the video is Matty. And he has a big personality. During one specific potty training session, his Dad asks if he is done pooping? The funny toddler replies by saying, “I didn’t poop, I peed!” But it isn’t what he says; it’s how he says it.

matty i didnt poop

Little Matty uses his sassiest voice to say the phrase. It’s so amusing that Dad repeats his question. But that doesn’t stop the kid from replying with more enthusiasm! At this point, his father cannot keep a straight face and bursts into laughter. Furthermore, tears start coming out of his eyes. So, the concerned boys look over at his Dad to ask him if he’s sad. Awww. But as soon as his Mom asks if he pooped, he goes back to repeating his comedic routine! Watch the video below:

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