Who does not love eating potatoes? Only a handful of people in the world can deny the tasty dishes we can prepare with potatoes. But peeling its skin can be quite a hassle. Especially if you plan on making using loads of them. Luckily, there exist easier ways to completely peel them off in an easy way that saves a lot of your time!

Are you excited to learn a neat trick? So, all you need to do is make one cut in the middle of the potato and let it boil for a while. What you have to do next is give it squash, and the peel comes right off! You now have perfectly peeled potatoes with no waste and mess. And you can achieve that just in 30 seconds!

Since most of the taste of the potato lies in the skin, following this method gives it a  more precise feeling. But if you aren’t exactly happy with this method, you can try your luck with five other ideas to completely peel off your potato. So, what do you think of this crazy potato peeling technique? Will you give it a try?

Watch this video below: 

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