Humans and apes are very closely related. Over 90% of our DNA is the same as these primates. Their social behavior and physical looks are similar to ours. Some people still think that they don’t relate to us. But if they has nothing in common with us, the orangutan in the following video wouldn’t have done this to a pregnant lady at the zoo!

This woman had an experience of a lifetime when she visited the zoo. Getting to see beautiful animals from up close is already a great experience, but she had an even better one. She was standing in front of the orangutan area when the big guy behind the glass became captivated by her tiny baby. When he sees the new mom in front of him, the orangutan looks smitten. He even caresses her baby through the glass!

According to studies, orangutans are one of the smartest animals on the planet. Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, these creatures are currently found in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. Sadly, they are endangered because of habitat loss. Palm plantations are taking over their natural areas, and their numbers are dwindling. Perhaps after seeing how sweet these animals can be, people will make more effort to save them.

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