The following story is going to fill your eyes with tears for sure. An Iowa National Guard soldier has been left heartbroken after being forced to put down his dog. Odie was Sgt. Brian Van Fleet’s best friend, and the only one who truly understood him. The duo met when Van Fleet was serving in Afghanistan. The dog used to be homeless, but he just wouldn’t stop following the troops. He ended up becoming an honorary member of Fleet’s unit in Afghanistan, regularly going out on patrols with the Iowa soldiers.

Van Fleet grew very close to the pooch. When he was relieved of his duties, he just couldn’t leave the dog behind. So he used his own money to bring Odie back to Iowa. They had been inseparable ever since. Sadly, one day, the dog broke lose and ran away. Van Fleet looked for him in the area around his apartment complex in Johnston non-stop. After their story aired, it was discovered that Odie was at the city pound. They two best friends were soon reunited. However, the worst was yet to come.

It was discovered that the dog was deathly sick. It started as a skin rash, but it soon spread to the dog’s kidneys and lungs. Vet had no idea what was behind it. Odie was clearly in pain and Brian just couldn’t watch him go through all that. He was forced to make the tough decision of putting the pooch down. He couldn’t bear it, but he knew it was best for the dog.

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