There are some stories that stay with your forever. No matter who old you get, it will make you react the same way when you revisit it. This is true also when it comes to movies. For example, “The Lion King” is just one of those everlasting movies that has stood the test of time. It’s a classic that’s enjoyed by children and adults alike. One of the most wonderful songs from the movie is “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, and it’s also a beloved classic.

Over the years, there have been countless renditions of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” sung by a number of different artists, but none are as exciting as Straight No Chaser’s hilarious version. The talented group of a capella singers gathered together while on tour in New Mexico and belt out an electrifying rendition of the song, and it’s a delight for fans! This one really stands out—just watch it below!

The group was onstage, dressed in matching outfits. One of the members explains that they created their very own choreography for this performance, so the audience has no idea that it’s going to be so funny! These men are just too funny! You have to see for yourself how incredibly talented they are. Once they start singing, the audience is mesmerized with their sound. What an amazing rendition!

This might just be your new favorite version of the song! The fact that they try dancing too is just so amazing!

Check out this incredible video below:

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