Parents can have a huge impact on their children. That is natural, since they are the ones that kids spend the most time with. Children often pick up behavior and manners that their parents have. This can be quite nice, as kids can learn many skills from their parents too. For instance, the little boy in this video was influenced by his mom to be a dancer!

Alla Novikova had been dancing from a very young age. Originally from Russia, the talented dancer moved to the US in her 20s and opened up a dance studio with her husband. Dancing appears to run in her blood. They saw the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. The love for dance passed down to her son as well. Daniel Novikova is just 7 years old in this video, but he has the moves of a seasoned professional!

This following clip shows Alla and Daniel performing at PBS’s “America’s Ballroom Challenge”. They might have been the strangest pair in the competition! Alla says that Daniel is a born dancer. Because of his dedication to the art, he is very easy to teach. His moves look so light and effortless, don’t you agree? If he continues in his mom’s footsteps, he will surely be an amazing dancer!

Check out the full video below:

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