Cats are one of the cutest animals in the world. These little furballs are loved by millions of people on the planet, with most households keeping them as pets. Cats are adorable, smart, and they provide you with the best of company. Cats are also known for being very independent. They can act distant sometimes, but their cuteness makes up for it. They might seem aloof, but these felines tend to show their love and affection in very different ways.

Cats are very fearless in the weirdest times. Sometimes they get startled by the most random little thing, and sometimes, even the devil himself can’t shock them. Just take for instance, the adorable cat featured in the following clip. This little guy is small in size, but he is a trooper. One day, a giant mountain lion decided to show up right outside his house. And while his owners were wary and scared, the tiny kitty went right up to his counterpart and tried to stare him down through the glass door.

The brave feline belongs to YouTuber Tom Mabe, a corporate comedian with millions of views on his channel. A few of his videos have gone viral on social media, including the following. If we came across a big mountain lion, we would definitely be scared right out of our minds. However, this cat begs to differ, and that is what makes this video unforgettable! Cats are truly special!

You are going to be out of words when you see this for yourself! Check out the short encounter in the video below! Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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