Dance is one of the most beautiful forms of art ever created. It is such a fluid medium, and so much emotion can be expressed through it. There are countless genres of dance, and each one is special in its own way. Ballet is one of the most beautiful forms of dance, and it is as hard to master as it is stunning to watch. Ballet dancers have to start from a very young age to get their form right. The little kids in the following video seem to be going at it!

Meet Paige Glenn and Artyon Celestine. These two young dancers were there to perform at the Murrieta Dance Project in the lyrical duet category. They chose to perform to the song “Tale As Old As Time” from the classic movie, “Beauty and The Beast”. They might look young, but their moves were so on point! You have to watch the entire performance to appreciate just how wonderful their effort was.

The kids were even dressed in the perfect costumes. It emulated the costumes of the original characters to the tee. The dance was perfectly choreographed, and their timing was flawless as well. You can only imagine the number of hours taken for them to learn all this, and that too so flawlessly. All their efforts paid off in the end, as they won the first place overall in the competition. With talent like this, they will surely go far!

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