There are many ways to express your emotions. Some of us write poetry, some of us make films, while some of us create art. Art is without a doubt one of the most incredible ways in which a person can express him or herself to the world. You can paint, or sculpt, or sketch. Performance artists have also become really famous lately. In fact, art has no limits or boundaries whatsoever. Over the years, there have been many different ways of creating artwork.

People have been discovering new and exciting ways to make art as they move along. Featured below is one of them. You are going to be completely out of words when you see this amazing clip for yourself! I have never seen anything like it before! This particular project was completed by a Ukrainian artist called Zenyk Palahniuk. His unusual artworks are very different from the norm, but they are very captivating as well.

Palahniuk creates “string art” on a massive scale. You might have heard the concept of string art before, but this young man takes it to a whole new level! He used 24km of thread and 13,000 nails for this specific work. He dedicated 200 hours for this portrait of Justin Timberlake and it is simply amazing! It is going to take your breath away!

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