We humans never stop reasearching on our home planet, “The Earth.” Every nooks and corner goes through the x-ray vision. Hence, we don’t stop questioning our humankind and the physics that revolves around it.

Not even in the most inhospitable area, Antarctica. Princeton University geochemist John Andrew Higgins shared a video recently on his Twitter that has people talking. The footage shows a chunk of ice being dropped inside a hole. That is the depth of the 450-foot borehole. The minutes it starts falling, it releases a shoot out sound from all most all cartoons, especially Bugs Bunny.

What is the reason for such heterogeneous sound? According to the expert himself, it is a Doppler effect phenomenon with the sound effect that travels through the hole. The first thing we hear is the high pitch sound produced by the ice falling downwards. Once the frost hits the bottom, the sound will bounce off the sides making unearthly sounds.

Scientists work on such projects to figure out the climate condition from ages ago. And calculate the changes in temperature and their effects. However, things like this will even grab the attention of the commoners. Please press play and watch the weird sound that travels through the depth of the bore. Share your thoughts on this discovery.

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