Dogs make the most wonderful pets. They give you their hearts and souls and remain loyal to you for life. They also ask for very little in return. Once they accept you as a part of their family or their pack, they will never betray you. They will also look after other family members as their own pack. If you have kids, dogs can make the best babysitters. Just take a look at the husky in the video below!

You must have seen so many videos of dogs interacting with babies. The one in the following video just stands out though. It shows a cute baby playing with a beautiful husky. They were simply playing together, but what they do together during play time will surely bring a huge smile to your face. This clip shows just how gentle dogs can be with their loved ones!

This husky is totally smitten with the little kid. When the baby approached the dog, he totally melted. Some people think that introducing babies to dogs is not safe. But as we have seen so many times before, they couldn’t be more wrong. According to the dad, this husky becomes really calm as soon as he sees children.

Check out the full video below:

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