Dogs are some of the cutest critters in the world. They are loyal, lovable and extremely adorable. They come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them are born with the purest hearts. So, is there anything better than a dog? Well, a dancing dog really pushes the limits! Most dogs are obedient and can be taught anything, but the pooch in this video takes it to another level.

Emily and her dachshund, Henrietta, have a very unique way of bonding. They do the normal things like cuddling together and playing together. But they also love dancing. Emily has trained the cute dachshund to dance, and there is no stopping them now. In this fun below, Emily and Henrietta show off some freestyle dance moves.

Emily leads the way as Henrietta flaunts some special footwork. They are totally in sync with each other, never missing a step. The pair is also perfectly coordinated with the music, which must have been challenging to achieve. While Emily does have good moves, it’s Henrietta that steals the show. If the whole routine wasn’t impressive enough, the way Henrietta pulls off that finish flourish is even better!

Check out the amazing video below:

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