Did you know that elephants stay in their mother’s womb for two years before they are born? Or that they can die of a broken heart? Unfortunately, Daphne Sheldrick learned this the hard way. Her first elephant baby died when she left him alone for four days to attend her daughter’s wedding. That’s when she learned that like humans, elephants need a family to survive.

Daphne Sheldrick was an author and conservationist. She was an expert on handling orphans and reintegrating orphans into the wild. In fact, the conservationist spent her whole life caring for baby elephants in an orphanage in Nairobi. Alongside her human family, she rescued abandoned elephants from the wild and saved their lives. But she always said that she was the one learning from these majestic creatures!

elephant orphanage

In this clip from ArgoFilm’s “Wisdom of the Wild,” we can see Daphne in her orphanage. She is handling the adorable elephants, rubbing them in the dirt, and playing with them! Furthermore, you can see the love she has for all the animals she encounters. You have to watch the incredible throwback video below:

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