In this age of social media, getting viral is getting increasingly impressive. The public always takes the least expected or hilarious post to sensational internet fame.

Hence, 77 year- old Judith Streng was on her vacation when something unusual happened. During her adventurous trip to beautiful Diamond Beach in Iceland with her family. The grandma became overnight internet fame after a simple picture snapped by her granddaughter.

Judith enjoyed her walk down the ocean when she spots a giant iceberg in the shape of a throne. She took the opportunity to sit for a pose. She was looking like the queen straight out of a fairy tale. However, the story gets an unexpected turn when the block of ice starts to wobble. A huge wave breaks the connection and sweeps the iceberg from the shore. The fun moments turn into times of worry as she keeps paying further away from safety.

Fortunately, her son calls for help, and the trusty coast guards bring her back to the shore in no time. Despite the dangerous situation, the grandma stays upbeat. She even describes her whole experience as exhilarating. The story was a little scary, but luckily the Lord was with her. And don’t forget the trained helpers. Take a look at the clip and share your afterthoughts.

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