Christmas is a time for joy and happiness. It is a time to get together with your family and loved ones. It is a time to celebrate, eat good food, and exchange gifts. And to usher in the quickly approaching Christmas, we have a Christmas video to share with you! The grandma in this clip loves cats. She always wanted a pet cat who could keep her company. When her family found out about her wish, they did everything in their power to make this particular Christmas the one she would never forget.

When it was time to finally open the presents, her son hands her a box. She has no idea what is inside, but she quietly remarks that it is heavy. Carefully, she removes the lid of the box and is immediately taken aback when she notices what it contains! A beautiful black kitten jumps out and the camera catches the elderly lady reacting in the most heartwarming manner. When she realizes the cat is for her, she is left crying happy tears.

Her response to the Christmas gift is one of the purest and most heartfelt things I have ever seen. Wait till you see her embracing the little one. The cat is well-behaved and he seems instantly settled with his new owner too. Watch this adorable video below! Wasn’t that the sweetest? Share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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