Every country around the world has a unique way of commemorating service members. For example, in London, the  Royal British Legion hosts the Annual Festival of Remembrance. This event pays tribute to the service members who lost their lives during armed conflicts.

Back in 2013, the Royal British Legion formed a British pop band consisting of five school girls. The members were chosen from a pool of thousands of performers. During the event, the girls sang “The Call (No Need to Say Goodbye singles).” Regina Spektor wrote the music. The band was named Poppy Girls, the members were:

Alice Millburn

Alice, from a young age, cherished music. She was playing piano and ukulele before she joined the group. Both of her parents served the nation. Her father, Philip Milburn, served in the Royal Navy while her mother served the RAF.

Bethany Davey

Bethany’s dad Lance Corporal Dean Davey served in Royal Logistics Corps, Royal Lancers, and 151 (London) Transport Regiment.

Charlotte Mellor

Mellor was the oldest member of the group, 17 years old. Her father, Wing Commander Paul Mellor, served quite a few locations during his career span in RAF.

Florence Ransom

Florence was following in her mother’s footsteps who was a singer in Military Wives Choir,. While her father,  Lieutenant Ben Ransom, served the  Royal Navy

Megan Adams

She is the daughter of  Lieutenant Commander William Adams, who at the moment was deployed in the Indian Ocean. He still had three months before making the journey back home.

They had a special guest on the show, “The Queen,” but that’s not all. Megan’s dad, as mentioned above, was yet to be back home. Well, he came home early to surprise his daughter. The reunion is heartwarming.

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