In my opinion, people-watching is a very calming activity. Nothing beats going to a cafe or a public park and observing people going about their day. Moreover, our pets seem to love it too. However, these curious bulldogs looking through the fence are making people all over the world laugh!

There are nothing bulldogs Bogart and Winston love doing than looking out to the streets. So much so that they were getting in trouble by jumping across the fence. Luckily, Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen came up with the idea that it would keep them safe and satisfy their curiosity as well! She cut two holes in the fence so the dogs could stick their heads out. But she didn’t stop at that!

bogart fence head

Finding inspiration in amusement park photo booths, Ranveig asked her daughter to paint around the edges of the cutout. They went with a royal theme, painting a crown and a jester hat. Moreover, this made Bogart famous after a video of him peeking through the fence went viral. Further, it has made more than 17,000 people on the internet crack up! Not to mention the smiles that King Bogart has been spreading around the neighborhood. Watch the hilarious video below:

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