When Green Shoe Studios decided to hold a music contest for independent singers and songwriters, a 96-year-old man decided to participate. When Fred sent his song, the people at the studio were stunned because they didn’t expect an entry like that. He wrote a song about his beloved wife who had just passed away recently. Touched by his entry, the studio decided to convert his words into a professional song.

This video is seriously one of the most poignant things I have seen in my life. It is heart moving and passionate beyond words. He really loved his wife, didn’t he? This is a moving story about life, love, music, and Fred. His song is called “Oh Sweet Lorraine”. I couldn’t stop my tears when he finished his beautiful tribute to his wife!

Oh Sweet Lorraine (TRIBUTE OF LOVE ) by Fred Stobaugh 1-53 screenshot

Watch Fred’s incredible song in the video below and let us know your thoughts about it through your comments!

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