Growing without parents is really hard, especially for kids in foster care. Similar was the story of Andrew. Since the age of six, he had been living in the care facility. His parents cut legal ties when he was young. The worse part, his four siblings had been adopted without him. Alone and scared, sadness and despair got the best of Andrew for years.

However, things were about to change. It all began when the Gill family decided to welcome him home to Nashville, Tennessee, until he could be legally adopted. Initially, the family couldn’t get through the child. Andrew would sit in his room all day long, going through pictures. He even shouted at anyone who tried coming close.

Thanks to Dominique’s son Joc, things began changing. The two kids began bonding over video games and a delicious snack, “Pop-tart”—games after games with occasional snack breaks. The new family soon got closer. Andrew felt much more comfortable opening up with the family. In return, the Gill family appreciated the boy’s effort. Hence, the family made no delay in adopting the sweet kid. But things were about to take a surprising turn.

Please press play and enjoy the twist as it unfolds.

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