The wedding videos that have been revolving all over the internet have my heart. These videos are the best way to refresh your mind from a tough day.

In this viral video, we see a little toddler who stole the hearts of many and made many people laugh out loud with her innocence and cuteness. This toddler is not even so old as to do what is socially correct. However, the people loved her for what she did. In fact, I would not even consider what she did wrong.

This amazing cutie is a flower girl. She stops by the aisle as soon as she spots her dad in the crowd. The dad is looking at her and she stops by and could not even get herself to walk any further. If this video is not wholesome to you, I doubt any videos on the internet ever will be.

One just can’t help but fall in love with this cutie. Watch the full video below!

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