As you get older, you get lazier. Your back isn’t the same, and your joints start to hurt. Maybe this is why we stop to pursue the passions that we loved to do in our youth. No matter how much you try, you can’t play your favorite sports in the same way or even dance the same.

These three men know all the things that come with old age. However, they don’t back down! Instead, they use their old age to their advantage, and they do so in the funniest way. You can hear the anxious crowd as the three grey-haired men pop their heads out of the curtains.

seniors dance to mj

The trio enters as you’d expect older men to. They barely make it to the middle. Meanwhile, the star wars theme song starts to play as they face their backs. It sure is confusing! However, Michael Jackson’s hit song “Billie Jean” begins to play. The gloved men spring into action and give a performance that is full of life. And of course, they do the King of Pop’s signature hip thrusts! You have to watch the hilarious performance in full:

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