Having a baby is one of the greatest joys of being human. The feeling you have when you hold your brand new child for the first time is unforgettable. But one thing all parents worry about is their first child’s reaction! I’ve heard stories of kid’s refusing to meet their baby brother or sister because they are so upset. But this boy is quite the opposite!

According to his Grandma, Kent has been excitedly waiting for the moment when he gets to meet his baby brother. She also shared that the 4-year-old has down syndrome. But the genetic disorder doesn’t stop the adorable boy from being loving. You can see this when he holds his brother for the first time.


In the cute clip, you can see the excited new brother running down the hospital’s hallway. He has a blue teddy bear in his hand and the biggest smile imaginable. However, it’s when Mom gives the bundled-baby to Kent, that the whole room lights up. The boy has the biggest smile that I have ever seen when he sees his new baby-brother. And the cute boy can’t wait to hold him! He is ecstatic when he has the baby in his arms. You know that he is going to be the best brother ever! Watch the adorable video below:

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