There are parents who tend to be a little more clumsy than their children and in some cases even their pets. This is one of the most hilarious things you will ever watch on the internet.

Pet dogs are more or less like our family. They learn from what they see just like kids do. So, they tend to act like how a kid would act around their parents. Such is this viral dog. The little dog really thought he would outsmart and mock his mom by copying her as she gets down the stairs. The dog is pretty confident about his act and knows he is mastering the act quite well.


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The video will make you feel pity for the poor dog mom as she had just broken her ankle. Her dog is not very considerate. Though he is a very good boy who loves his owner a lot, he still has a hint of mischief and fun to him. This is one of the funniest videos you will watch on the internet.

You will love this for sure. Watch the full video below!

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