This is the story of Kelsey Frederick, a teenage daughter of her divorced parents, Schaffen and Christin. And on her birthdays, her parents had no trouble planning two birthday parties for their daughter, up until so.

This year again, Kelsey Frederick was about to hit a significant age (finally a teenager), and she knew she’d be hosting two birthday parties, one from each parent. Actually, Kelsey is already habituated to celebrating two birthdays every year.

Kelsey’s birthday was amazing in and of itself, but it was much more so because she was getting highlights in her hair. Kelsey’s mother opted to pay for her daughter’s highlights because so many other girls at school were getting them.

Kelsey went to her father’s house after spending time in the salon getting all glammed up. She was supposed to stay there and spend some time with his father, as agreed by all. However, when Kelsey’s mother visited her after a few days, something was wrong with Kelsey’s hair. It didn’t look anything like it did a few days ago.
Dad Cuts His Daughter’s Hair

To detail, Kelsey’s lovely locks were completely mutilated over the weekend. As a matter of fact, it looked like a boyish cut with no styling whatsoever. On the other hand, poor Kelsey was so humiliated that she was hiding her face. After knowing what Schaffen did to her, Christin went directly to the police.

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